Name: Alton Brent B. Aguilar
Username: amf- kwKy- itsme.kwKy MyNameiskwKy
Previous Teams: APOL. itsme (manila gaming) 
Years playing Dota: 3
Role: Carry. Capt.
Past time: Billiards. Shot. Poker.
Food: Siomai
Drink: Red Horse Beer. -
Hero/es: Shadow Fiend. Priestess of the Moon. Storm Spirit. Admiral Proudmoore.
Item/s: Kelens Dagger of Escape. Magic Stick. Manta Style. 
Player/s: Khrizle!
Team/s: Virtus Pro. Ks.int. Nirvana int. Ehome and ITSME
Motto: Better safe than sorry. Better sorry than never. 
Define Dota in one word: PASSION!

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