Name: Mark Joseph V. Abasolo
Username: ~DESO, MyNameIs|rDESO & itsme.DESO
Previous Teams: N/a
Years playing Dota: 5
Role: CARRY..
Past time: Shot! Playing PSP..
Food: Chicken, Pizza, Sisig..
Drink: Soft and Hard drinks, Beer..
Hero/es: TA, POTM, WR, SF, SS, DR, PL, DW, DK, Medusa, Kunkka..
Item/s: Stygian Desolator, Guinsoo, Kelens Dagger of Escape, Manta & BKB..
Player/s: X!!, KingJ, Burning, 2009, ZSMJ, Yaphets, Yamateh, Vigoss, Kuroky..
Team/s: LGD.sGty, Ks.LGD.MuFc & EHOME..
Motto: Don't use such strong words, You'll be seen weak..
Define Dota in one word: DESOLATION!

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