Name: Kenneth G. Taiño
Username: whattaface | itsme.sneaT | Zenstrouv
Previous Teams: iNzane, Pink Five, Team Mejz(?), MSKl+2 (Mejz Sean Kenneth lol + 2)
Years playing Dota: YEARS -_-
Role: any/none (carry/semi-carry/setter/support/feeder)
Past time: Sleeping.Eating.Anime.Poker.Yosi.Coffee and STARCRAFT2.
Food: Pizza and Pasta!
Drink: Single Venti Raspberry Dark Mocha pls.
Hero/es: BM.BM.SK.SK.RK.ES.WD.TH.CM.VS.Magnus
Item/s: Iron wood branch...
Player/s: ITSME!
Team/s: ITSME!
Motto: Life sucks.. BIG TIME!
Define Dota in one word: Ellipsis

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